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38 Fantastic Photos Capture Street Scenes of London During the 1930s_teo


Here is a fantastic photo collection that shows street scenes of London in the 1930s.

A milk bar in Bear Street, central London, 1936

A trader on a horse and trap outside Long Acre in Covent Garden, circa 1930


A water cart man turns the water main on a group of boys to help them cool off in a street in Westminster, London during a heatwave, August 1930


A woman and her two daughters rooftopping Hillcott House, Haggerston, London 1938


Atmospheric London scene in the early 1930s


Boy at the Buckingham Palace, 1930


Camden Town in the 1930s


Camden Town in the 1930s


Central London, ca. late 1930s


Child staring into bakery window, London, 1935


Children on London streets, 1939


Children sailing pond yachts, London, 1930


Couple eating ice-cream, 1934


Evacuees from the East End of London during the Second World War, 1939


Foyles, Charing Cross Road, London, 1936


Girl riding on tricycle, London, 1934


Homeless man, London, 1931


J.P. Restaurants Ltd., London, 1930


Little girl with her kitten walking on London streets, 1931


Lockyer Street, Bermondsey, London, 1935


Lockyer Street, Bermondsey, London, 1935


London friends, 1935


London streets in the middle of 1930s


London's Bond Street decorated for the wedding of the Duke of Kent and Princess Marina of Greece, 1934


London's Lido, 1930


Lunch hour in the roof garden at Adelaide House, 1937


Milkman on Charing Cross Road, 1935


Miniature Southdown Leyland coach, ca. 1930s


Nannies looking after their charges beside the Serpentine in Hyde Park in 1938


Piccadilly Circus in the early 1930s


Piccadilly Circus, 1937


Regent street London, 1933-34


Sandwich board men parading outside the London Palladium, 1937


Shoeshine in London, 1936


Street scene in London, 1933


Street scene in London, ca. 1930s


Traffic signals on Oxford St, London, 1935


Victoria Bus Termina, 1939

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