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60 Vintage Photos That Prove That We All Were Cooler When We Were Kids_teo

As kids, we all had a dream to be super cool when we grow up. But if you ever have the time to browse through some of your old photo albums, you’ll notice the opposite. You probably were much cooler as a child then what you are now!

Sure, you were more adorable than cool, but it was your own unique style of coolness. Bored Panda’s users shared their childhood pictures and bring those old days back.

1. “Me And My Pink Bike, 1986.”

2. “Found This Picture Of Me And My Pet Raccoon Fishing Together. He’d Wait For Me To Catch And Reel In A Fish So He Could Grab It And Eat It. Late 1980s.”

3. “Me Back In 1991. Just Your Typical Aussie Kid Drinking XXXXLight Beer (I Wasn’t Aloud Heavies Back Then) And Holding A Baby Crocodile.”

4. “My Father Took A Picture Of Me After My First Girlfriend Punched Me In The Eye, 1991.”

5. “I Think This Pic Of Me Really Sums Up What It Was Like To Be A Kid In The Early 90s.”

6. “Tonight My Parents Showed Me A Picture Of Me, Age 3, 1985.”

7. “‘83 Me & Dad, A Male Nurse. I Grew Up To Be A Doctor. We Don’t Conform To Gender Stereotypes.”

8. “My Dad And His Pet Monkey. Circa 1966, Guinea.”

9. “I Used To Put On “Rock Concerts” While Standing On This Rock. My Sister Would Take Her Dolls Out To Be The Audience. Sometime Around 1986.”

10. “In The Mid 80’s I Was The Only White Kid In Our Neighbourhood Who Liked Hip Hop Music.”

11. “In 1997 I Was Much Cooler Than Now.”

12. “Lookin’ Stylish For The Ladies! 1960, Michigan.”

13. “Reptile Show Came To My School And I Was The Only One To Volunteer To Hold This Snake.”

14. “Me On My Tuff Burner In The Early 80s. We Made The Fire Bigger And Used A Small Ramp In The End.”

15. “Me In The Mid 80’s.”

16. “Sucks Knowing That I Peaked Over 25 Years Ago.”

17. “Dual Toe Stoppie With Shake. 1982. Dig The Skyway Tuffwheels.”

18. “My Uncle And The Neighborhood Kids, 1977.”

19. “My Sister Dated Macho Man Randy Savage Back In The 90’s. This Is Me With Him.”

20. “1992 1st Grade Halloween Is The Coolest I Will Ever Be.”

21. “God Damn I Was Looking Fly In The 90’s.”

22. “My Friend With The Power Glove – Ca. 1989.”

23. “Me In 1987, On My Way To Steal Your Girl For Sure.”

24. “Me In 1975 I Had Already Had It W Their Sh*t.”

25. “My Mother Is From Another Country. She Knew Nothing About Playboy… She Just Knew I Loved Bunnies And Threw Me A Bunny Themed Birthday Party. Me, 1987.”

26. “1986 Was The Coolest I’ve Ever Been.”

27. “I Fell Asleep Waiting For The Monster In The Closet – 1970.”

28. “My Brother And I In 1981. We Were Huge Fans Of The Tv Show Chips.”

29. “Me And My Girlfriends, 3rd Grade, 1970, Going To Sing Twist & Shout At The Talent Show. Yes, They’re Stuffed.”

30. “Not To Toot My Own Horn But… Me In 1979.”

31. “Me Trying To Be A B-Boy In 1984.”

32. “Me In 1988, Coming To Steal My Girl Back.”

33. “Me. 1983. 4 Years Old.”

34. “However, I Was That Child For Which My Parents Were Afraid More.”

35. “It’s Hard To Be A Princess… Me Age Of 4.”

36. “1984 When I First Learned To Wink.”

37. “Merry Christmas From 1985.”

38. “My Ride In 1997.”

39. “1966, Minot AFB, North Dakota, In the Dead Of Winter At The Barracks. We Were Charged With The US Nuclear ICBM Deterance. This Picture Was Not Taken ‘On Alert’.”

40. “My Father Turned Me Onto Gangster Films At A Young Age. From James Cagney Movies All The Way Up Through The Godfather And Goodfellas. This Was The Result.”

41. “Me As Supermegainfraultra-Man Back In 1986.”

42. “Grew Up To Be “That Naked Guy At The Party”.”

43. “Cool Ain’t Made, It’s Born.”

44. “Rollin’ Hard With A Machine Gun On My Spider-Man Big Wheel In 1980.”

45. “Me And Lil Bro In 1989. Cartridges And Chords. What A Time To Be Alive.”

46. “5 Year Old Me On Halloween, 1968. Always Be Batman.”

47. “Me And My Sister After A Traffic Accident, 1992.”

48. “Me In 1990. Well Hello Ladies.”

49. “Me Chilling 1980. Wood Was Cool.”

50. “I See All Your Cool Dads And Moms With Their Cool Cars And Raise You Me With A Vette Mid 70s.”

51. “This Is My Kick Ass Brother Letting Me Pose For A Pic With Him And His Sick Ride, 1978.”

52. “Me 1979/1980, Living In East Germany.”

53. “This Was One Of My Favourite Things To Do As A Kid.”

54. “Me Pouring A Beer Circa 1983.”

55. “Early 80’s Me Defining The Word Rad.”

56. “Me In Front Of My Soap Box Derby Car Summer 1978.”

57. “Yours Truly, 1980. Mike Teavee Ain’t Got Nothin’ On Me.”

58. “Picture Of Me 1987.”

59. “I Will Never Achieve This Level Of Cool Again.”

60. “Mother Helping Her Son Through A Tough Level In Super Mario Land On Gameboy From 1989.”

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