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Amazing Found Photos Capture Signs in Washington in the 1960s_teo

A group of Polaroid photographs was found by Allen that were taken by an employee of a sign company. All of the signs are/were in Washington around the 1960s.

Citizens State Bank Billboard


38th Street Car Wash


88 Center

A&P Supermarket


Albertsons Supermarket


Autoview Drive In Theatre


Baydo's Fine Cars




Benson Center, Safeway


Blue Spruce Motel


Bridgeport Shopping Center


Brown Chalet Restaurant

Burger Joint


Century Pontiac


City Center Motel


Clover Park Veterinary Hospital

Coffee Shop Fish Signs


Daffodil Bowl


Food King Supermarket


Ford Dealership

Gig Harbor Lanes


Johnson Candy Company

Kens Midway Motors


Kentucky Fried Chicken




Lucky Supermarket


Mt. Tahoma Diner


P-X Supermarket


Paulson's Appliance Store


Poodle Dog Restaurant


Puget Sound National Bank


Royal Typewriters


Safeway Supermarket


Soine's Shoes


South Side Motors


Sport Car Center


Stan's Grocery Store


Tradewell Grocery Store


Tresners Auto Glass


Wigwam Stores


Wood Realty


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