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Black and White Photos of London From the Late 1970s_teo

These photographs were taken by Australian amateur photographer John Goodman. He made two trips to the United Kingdom in the mid-seventies. During his “raw early 20s”, Goodman pursued his interests in microscopy, photography and industrial archaeology. He was a member of the Quekett Microscopical Club in London. Goodman now resides in Melbourne, Australia.

He mostly used Leica and film, or digital cameras with old Leitz lenses. Take a look through these beautiful pictures of London in the late 1970s taken by Goodman. For more photographs, visit Goodman’s wonderful Flickr site.

St. Pancras, from Pentonville Road, 1976


St. Pancras, 1976


Great Western Road, 1976


Snowfall, Colville Mews, Notting Hill, Winter 1976/77


Paddington Station, 1976


Paddington Station, 1976


Paddington Station, 1976


King's Cross Station, c.1977


Looking Towards Finsbury Circus, from 77 London Wall, 1977


St. Stephen's Gardens, London W2, 1977

Gasometer, St. Pancras, c.1977


Lion Hotel, North Road, Islington, London N7, 1977


Lamb Tavern, North Road, Islington, London N7, 1977


Islington, Market Road, c.1977


Islington, corner of Market Road and York Way, c.1977


Near St. Pancras, 1977


St. Pancras Station, c.1977


St. Pancras Station, c.1977


Caledonian Market site, 1977


Caledonian Market site, 1977


The Ebonite Tower, 1977


London Archaeology, near St. Pauls, 1977


Hampstead Heath, Tumulus, 1977


Hampstead Heath, Tumulus, 1977


Hampstead Heath, 1977


Caledonian Road opposite Caledonian Estate, c.1977


Northdown Street, London N1, 1977


Quiet Sunday afternoon, St. Paul's from Watling Street, 1977


Rear of one side of Powis Square, London W11, 1977/78


Citroen 2CV, Colville Terrace, Notting Hill, 1978

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