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Emotional Portrait Photos of American Child Laborers in the 1900s-10s_teo

These are 27 emotional portrait photos of American child laborers taken by photographer Lewis Wickes Hine in the 1900s and 1910s.

5-year old picking cotton, Comanche County, Oklahoma, 1916


5-year-old after day's work, was tired and refused to be photographed, Biloxi, Mississippi, 1911

11-year-old girl picking cotton, Oklahoma, 1916


14-year-old boy has been working in cotton mills for 6 years, Cuero, Texas, 1913


15-year-old messenger boy working for Mackay Telegraph Company, Waco, Texas, 1913

A little spinner in a Georgia cotton mill, 1909


A little spinner in the Mollohan Mills, Newberry, South Carolina, December 3, 1908

A sleeping newsboy found after midnight in the vestibule of a railroad station, newspapers for a pillow, 1912


A young driver in the Brown Mine, Brown, West Virginia, 1910

Boy stands next the machines that he has been working at for some months at the Avondale Mills, Birmingham, Alabama, November 1910


Boys after working, Birmingham, Alabama, 1910


Boys climb up on the spinning frame to mend the broken threads and put back the empty bobbins, Macon, Georgia, 19 january 1909

Boys working in Ewen Breaker of Pennsylvania Coal Co., South Pittston, January 1911


Breaker boys, Hughestown Borough, Pennsylvania, 1911


Children at Whitman Street dump, Pawtucket, Rhode Island, 1912

Coal breakers in break-time, Pennsylvania, 1911


Coal breakers, South Pittston, Pennsylvania, January 1911


Delivery boy for Kutterer Printing Co., St. Louis, 1910


Delivery boy in New York, ca. 1910s


Eight-year-old boy driving horse rake, Western Massachusetts, 1915


Infants working in Avondale Mills, Birmingham, Alabama, 1910

Midnight at glass works, Indiana, 1908


Newsies at Skeeter's Branch, St. Louis, Missouri, May 9, 1910


Newsies smoking at Skeeter's Branch, St. Louis, Missouri, May 9, 1910

Sweeper and doffer boys in Lancaster Cotton Mill, Lancaster, South Carolina, 1908


Two of the pin boys working in Bowling Academy, Burlington, Vermont, 1910


Young boy stands on the machine that he has been working for 3 months, Chicopee, Massachusett, 1911

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