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Incredible Photos That Capture Everyday Life of the U.S in the Early 20th Century_Ha

A photo collection that shows what everyday life of the U.S. looked like from the 1900s and 1910s.

Chinatown, New York, 1900

Broadway in Skagway, Alaska, 1900


Esplanade Street, New Orleans, circa 1900


Esplanade Street, New Orleans, circa 1900


French Market in New Orleans, Louisiana, 1900


Key West, Florida, circa 1900


Market Square in Cleburne, Texas, 1900


Steel viaduct over Des Moines River, Iowa, circa 1900


Tampa Bay Hotel in Tampa, Florida, 1900


The obelisk in Central Park, New York, circa 1900


The Waldorf-Astoria, New York, circa 1900


West Street, New York City, 1900


Georgetown, Colorado, 1901


Hanging rock on the Susquehanna near Danville, Pennsylvania, 1901


Hotel Colorado in Glenwood Springs, Colorado, 1901


Hotel Royal Palm in Miami, Florida, 1901


Mining structure in Alaska, 1901


 Navajo Indian school in Tohatchi, New Mexico, 1901


North face of Fort Marion, St. Augustine, Florida, 1901


The lakefront from Illinois Central Station, Chicago, Illinois, 1901


 Chicago & North Western Railway, steel viaduct over Des Moines River, Iowa, 1902


 The beach and Cliff House in San Francisco, California, 1902


The Congressional Library in Washington, D.C., 1902


 El Paso, Texas, 1903


Lake and bridge in Central Park, New York, 1903


Loading steamer during high water in New Orleans, Louisiana, 1903


New York from under the Brooklyn Bridge, 1903


Old French court yard in New Orleans, Louisiana, 1903


S.S. Proteus. High water at New Orleans levee, 1903


 Santa Fe Railroad Station in Albuquerque, New Mexico, 1903


Williamsburg Bridge, New York, 1903


'CASE' Corporate Building in Racine, Wisconsin, 1904


Driving Park Avenue bridge and falls on Genesee River, Rochester, New York, 1904


 C. & O. terminal piers, Newport News, Virginia, 1905


Detroit Boat Club, Belle Isle Park, Detroit, Michigan, 1905


Hotel Virginia in Long Beach, California, 1905


 Stock Exchange in New York, 1905


Transfer steamer in Detroit, Michigan, 1905


U.S.S. Maryland in dry dock, Charelstown Navy Yard, Boston, Massachusetts, 1905


Unloading cotton in Memphis, Tennessee, 1905


Edge of Chinatown in San Francisco, California, 1906


 Italian headquarters, Madison Street, New Orleans, 1906


Livestock exchange in Kansas City, Missouri, 1906


Manhattan skyline and East River, New York, 1906


Ruins of City Hall after the earthquake in San Francisco, California, 1906


Southern Railway station in Knoxville, Tennessee, 1906


The Dexter Avenue and the Capitol in Montgomery, Alabama, 1906


High Bridge and Kentucky River, 1907


Kentucky River and High Bridge, 1907


Mexican adobe house in El Paso, Texas, 1907


The Water Tower in Fort Thomas, Kentucky, 1907


A New England granite quarry, 1908


Grand Central Terminal under construction, New York, 1908


 Milling district, from lower dam, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 1908


Manhattan Bridge Under Construction, circa 1909


A Deluxe overland limited train, Colorado, 1910


Blackwell's Island Bridge in New York, 1910


Library of Congress, Main Reading Room, Washington, D.C., 1910


Main Street in Little Rock, Arkansas, 1910


Packard Motor Car Company, Auto Plant in Detroit, Michigan, 1910


Panorama of New Orleans, Louisiana, 1910


 St. George Street in St. Augustine, Florida, 1910


Street scene in Fairbanks, Alaska, 1910


U.S. Capitol, Washington, D.C., 1910


Arrowrock Dam in Idaho, 1914


 The Lincoln Memorial construction, 1914


Front Street covered with snow in Nome, Alaska, 1915


Packard Motor Co. in Detroit, Michigan, 1915


Raw sugar mill in the Hawaiian Islands, 1915


Road construction in Tanana, Alaska, 1916


The Old Inn in Ester, Alaska, 1916


View of Nome, Alaska with snow on ground, 1916


Lincoln Memorial, Washington, D.C., January 1917


Manhattan Bridge in New York, under Construction, 1919

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