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Old Photos of New York’s Restaurants_teo

Mott Street, Display window typical Italian restaurant. 1935-1941


Terrace Restaurant of Central Park Zoo Cafeteria, 64th Street near Central Park West. Zoo visitor pause for refreshment beneath sunshades and watch seal tank. 1935-1941


Restaurant exterior Morris Belaief Ekaterinoslaver Restaurant #204. 1916-1920


Four story saloon and restaurant between Hamilton and Lorraine Street. April 5, 1904


New York Boulevard and 146th Road, Meitz Restaurant. November 18, 1941


Queens Boulevard North Side, Junction Boulevard, Howard Johnson's Restaurant. September 12, 1940


Sheepshead Bay Restaurant, Emmons Avenue, August 5, 1953


German Restaurant, Yorkville, East 86th Street, Maxl's, Bill's Hofbrau etc. A remodeled basement houses this German restaurant. 1935-1941


Cavanaugh's Restaurant—258 West 23rd Street, between 7th and 8th. 1938


At the Paradise Restaurant, Times Square. 1935-1941


Italian Restaurant, Mulberry Street. The name Gorizia appears on window. 1935-1941


From Police Department Evidence: "Restaurant (?) interior 2 plates (one inscribed "Inside"). 1916-1920


Boat House Restaurant, Bronx Zoological Park, New York City. A very gray, neutral-tone of the well known restaurant at Bronx Park, 1935-1941


Moneta Restaurant, Mulberry Street, 1935-1941


Spring Street, Looking northeast from corner of West Street. Savannah Hotel, Lunch & Restaurant. May 3, 1924


148 Greenpoint Avenue, March 19, 1959


180 West Street, Brooklyn, Corner view of Green Street and restaurant. April 14, 1959


Tenth Avenue (markets), Gansevoort and West Washington markets: meat suppliers, restaurant. February 1, 1929


2042-86th Street, Brooklyn. Cohn's Restaurant & Dining Room. Crates, barrels, boxes, cans stacked on curb


Tavern on the Green, November 1934


Woolworth Building, 133 Broadway. Interior: restaurant with murals on arches and ceilings. 1909-1914

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