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Rarely Seen Vintage Photographs of a Lost London From Between the 1900s and 1910s_Ha

A small collection of rare vintage photographs of London, taken between the 1910s and 1910s, from the Archives of English Heritage. The photographs provide a unique record of whole districts of London as they were vanishing...

Arch, Shepherd’s Place, off White’s Row, now Tenter Ground, Spitalfields, 1909.


Evans and Witt, Stationers and Bookbinders, Booksellers and Tobacconists, ca. 1900s.


Cloth Fair, Smithfield, 1906.


House with shop, ca. 1900s.


8 Bow Churchyard, Cheapside, 1908 – near St Paul’s.


The Foundling Hospital, ca. 1912. The Boys’ Dining Room with bench seating.


The chapel.


Printing press, 20-22 Millbank Street, 1906.


34 Albury Street, Deptford, 1911. Nursery in ground floor rear room.


Bear Yard, ca. 1906.


Bear Yard, 1906.


13 and 14 Archer Street, 1908.


Outside of the building, 1908.

(Photographs from ‘Lost London: 1870-1945’ by Philip Davies)

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