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The Way We Were: 33 Vintage Photographs of Children Playing in the Past That We Could Have Lost Today _ nan

What is your favorite toy? What games do you like to play? Do you think that children in the past had the same toys and played the same games as you? Check out how children played in the past through these 33 funny pictures.

Hanging around in Swansea, April 1939

Keep cool in summer, New York City, 1937

Little girl playing with kitty, ca. 1910s

London in the 1920s

Messing around the phone booth, New York, 1975

New York City in the 1970s-80s

On a play street in New York, ca. 1900s

Playing time at school, 1956

Ring around the rosie, ca. 1940

These young Neapolitans hanging onto the backs of street cars, Naples, 1948

Two children have great fun hanging upside down off a low rail in stockport, 1966

Two girls play with their tricycles, ca. 1920s

Two girls swing on a lampost, Manchester, 1965

Two little kids dancing on the streets of New York City, ca. 1940

Young boys hitch a ride, London, 1941

Brooklyn, New York, April 1949

Children balance on rail in South Dakota, 1959

Children draw on pavement with chalk, ca. 1960s

Children drawing on the pavement, 1941

Children hanging on a full train after the liberation, 1945

Children playing at The Bronx, New York City, ca. 1940s

Children playing on a street, ca. 1890

Children playing, Misawa, Japan, 1960

Edwardian children on stilts

Girls doing handstands, Southam Street, London, 1956

Girls jump rope in Zennor Road, ca.1957-65

Hanging around in Swansea, April 1939

Children on seesaw in a park, ca. 1910s

Children playing in the snow at residential school, 1946

Group of Gleichen boys playing in rubber tires, Alberta, ca. 1920

Little cowboys riding wild horses, ca. 1910s

Sarcee children on Sarcee Reserve, Alberta, playing with bows and arrows, 1911

Slide and swing in a park, ca. 1910s

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