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Vintage Color Snapshots of Brighton in the 1970s_teo

Brighton is a seaside resort and one of the two main areas of the city of Brighton and Hove. Once an ancient fishing village, it emerged as a health resort in the 18th century and grew into one of the largest towns in England by the 20th century.

Much of the town became somewhat dilapidated in the 1970s. At the same time, a major investment was being made into the Brighton Marina, while the seafront was much less developed than today. High levels of unemployment in the central districts led to a strong unemployed counter-culture involving squatting. With an elderly population, by the 1970s, Brighton had acquired a reputation as a retirement destination.

Take a look back at Brighton in the seventies through 26 fascinating vintage color snapshots:

Pavilion Buildings, 1974.

Sign, 1970.

Volks Electric Railway, 1971.

Brighton beach, 1972.

Druids Head pub, 1972.

Brighton Railway Station, 1972.

Metropole Hotel, 1972.

Middle Street Synagogue, 1972.

Palace Pier, 1972.

Palace Pier, 1973.

Brighton Pier, 1973.

English’s Restaurant, 1973.


Castle Square, 1974.

A Tesco bus outside Pavilion Buildings, North Street, 1974.

East Street, 1974.

Jetty opposite East Street, 1974.

Pavilion Buildings, 1974.

Top Rank Suite on the corner of West Street and King’s Road, 1974.

Grand Hotel, 1974.

Brighton Railway Station, 1974.

Palace Pier, 1976. (Yvonne Thompson)

Palace Pier, 1976. (Yvonne Thompson)

West Pier, 1976.

Pony Express, 1976.

Royal Pavilion, 1979.

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